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SO here it is at long last!!! The #TreeTox EP – “Back on the Grind”!! Me and Billy are both pretty excited to present this shit to ya. Have a listen by clicking on the play buttons below and then click the order now button!

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1. Passive Aggression
2. Back on the Grind
3. 2 Pitchers
4. Starewell
5. Drink Break (#TreeTox Groove)
6. Christmas Trees

Back on the Grind was produced by Dubgee with raps written by Billy Botoxx and Doug Tree. The EP combines Billy’s comedy raps and punch lines with Doug Tree’s story telling and first person narrative. The album was conceptualized¬†as a complete project a limited run live show as well as an analogue remix album released only on overdubbed cassette tapes.




You will receive a digital copy of “Back on the Grind” via email immediately after your order.

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